Delhi Journal of Contemporary Law - Volume 2

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Prof. V.K. Ahuja, Professor-In-charge, Law Centre-II, University of Delhi

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Editor :

Dr. Vageshwari Deswal, Associate Professor, Law Centre-II, University of Delhi

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Delhi Journal of Contemporary Law Volume 2, 2019

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Editorial Committee
1. Tracing the Idea of Common Market: Historical and Constitutional Perspective Uday Shankar & Niladri Mondal
2. Geographical Indications: Ambiguity in Legal Provisions in India Gargi Chakrabarti
3. From Civil Death to Civil Life: The Crisis of Legal Aid for Immigrants around the World Shreya Bansal & Amita
4. Indian Competition Act: Deficiencies and Suggestions Raj Kumar Singh
5. Mainstreaming Misconceptions - Demonizing Muslim Personal Law: A Comment on the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights On Marriage) Act, 2019 Saadiya
6. Insanity as a Defense to Criminal Charge – An Analysis Vageshwari Deswal
7. A Restorative Justice Model for Rehabilitation of Acid Attack Survivors Ayush Jha & Simona Sahira Waheed
8. Need for Registration and Promotion of Indian Geographical Indications in Foreign Countries: Issues and Challenges Jupi Gogoi
9. An Exploratory Study of Mandatory CSR Spending in Select Indian Companies Jyotika Bahl
10. Law Relating to Divorce by Mutual Consent: Contemporary Developments Kusum Lata Bawlia
11. Implementation of the Juvenile Justice Act, 2015: A Study of Observation Home in Faridabad Rekha Parmar
12. Transgender Rights Before and after the NALSA Judgment Monika Singhal